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Day 10 of the South African lockdown for covid-19. A cloud with a silver lining.

Our isolation journey so far...

With the outbreak of this pandemic on the world, I have to admit that it has not really affected me negatively. But I think I am the only one in our family that can say that with honesty.

Do not get me wrong, the Corona virus is horrible and what is happening around the world is terrifying.

It is especially terrifying for families like ours who have an intellectually disabled child who is also extremely medically fragile. As most know, Jacques has cvid (commom variable immune deficiency) as well as type 1 diabetes and ehlers danlos vascular type. He is thus extremely immune compromised and the corona virus will most likely kill him.

And that reality has been there for most of his life. The reality that the next pneumonia could be the end of his journey with us. And because that has been a reality in our life for so long, the adjustments we had to make has been minimal.

It is the two of us (Jacques and mommy) 24/7, with the exception of 2 days a week, ab…