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Trauma - and how I cope

Trauma is a slippery bastard. It creeps up on you and takes your breath away at the weirdest times.
It sneaks into your thoughts when you're lying in bed trying to sleep. Crowding your thoughts with doubts and deep seated fears.
It rears its ugly head when someone  unexpectedly moves close to you and you cringe without realizing it.

As most of our followers know, Jacques was hospitalized for 6 days with a staphylococcus bacteria which triggered reactive arthritis. And with the current lockdown rules (as a result of the covid pandemic) my husband was not allowed to visit at all. It was Jacques and myself, alone, 24/7 for 6 days.
It was challenging, but nothing I couldn't handle at the time. The adrenaline caused by the situation kept me functional and we coped. The first few days were "easy" as Jacques was in alot of pain and sleeping most of the day and night. As he started to feel better it got a bit more difficult. He had the strength to fight against his situation, and …